Mar 312013
Advantages of a Reclining Office Chair

Since the 1980s, usability experts have been taking steps to determine the best possible types of furniture for use in offices. Increasingly, researchers are noting that those who use inappropriate equipment tend to develop long-term injuries…

Mar 252013
Qualities of a Good Drafting Chair or Stool

Drafting stools are designed specifically for architects, engineers, laboratory workers, draftsmen, and others who need durable chairs, resistant to wear and staining. They are also designed to allow people to perch and lean forward by offering convenient foot supports. These qualities, along with the adjustable height, allow these chairs to perform well in virtually any […]

Mar 042013
How to Choose an Office Chair

In many office jobs, employees remain seated at their desks for the better part of their 8-hour days. However, sitting for long periods of time can put stress on a person’s neck, spine, shoulders, and even legs if their work station is improperly set up. Poor daily posture and seating conditions can have painful effects […]

Feb 202013
Choosing Furniture for the Contemporary Office

Looks are important when it comes to office furniture. As clients walk into your office, the quality of the design and furniture has an immediate impact on how others view your company. As a general rule, the furnishings must match the interior decorations, the theme and style of the company, as well as meet a […]