Mar 042013
How to Choose an Office Chair

In many office jobs, employees remain seated at their desks for the better part of their 8-hour days. However, sitting for long periods of time can put stress on a person’s neck, spine, shoulders, and even legs if their work station is improperly set up. Poor daily posture and seating conditions can have painful effects […]

Jan 102013
Armed or Armless Office Chairs?

You can probably state that having arms on your office chair is the norm for office furniture. It may even be the preferred choice by many workers, but there are a number of advantages that come with having no arms attached to your office chair that may convince you to give an armless office chair […]

Dec 162012
Dressing Up Your Conference Room

Conference rooms are important centers within a company. From internal brainstorming meetings to pitching sales to clients, conference rooms set the stage for action within a company. That said, the design elements present within a conference room can set the tone for your meetings and get you into the right frame of mind as you […]

Dec 052012
Office Ergonomics

Physical comfort is an incredibly important aspect of productivity. Despite the adage “mind over matter,” your comfort will affect both your work and your health. Injuries from improper posture and body positioning can have negative life-long consequences for your muscles, bones, and joints. Although ergonomics are important for anyone performing any activity, it is especially […]