Sep 052014
class comfortable office chair

A classy and comfortable combination.

You spend hours upon hours sitting at your desk, unable to free yourself from the pain and stress that is placed on your body. It sounds awful, and as a desk worker myself, I understand how degrading it is to feel as if we don’t have control over our body’s health simply because of the work that we chose to do to survive. Sounds absolutely ridiculous, doesn’t it? So, I came up with the best 5 office chairs, based on comfort, value and ergonomics. They are also extremely functional and practical but also safe for you to use day in and day out. After all, you have to sit anyway so might as well do it comfortably!


Harwick Big and Tall Office Chair

big leather chairs

The bigger the better!

Obviously, this is the best office chair for those of you who are big and tall or simply want to be the boss of the office. After all, every man or woman in control has a big leather chair, right? The Harwick Big and Tall Office Chair is timeless and prestigious in style, and perfect for anything from executive offices to home offices. If you like a little extra room to move, you’ll love it. The thick, extra wide seat encourages the ultimate comfort possible.

Harwick Deluxe Mesh Stool

You don’t have to be big and tall or an excessive sweater to be able to appreciate a material that breaths throughout the day. this Harwick Deluxe Mesh Stool is a contemporary design that has been designed specifically for maximum ventilation and support. It’s also a drafting stool as opposed to an ‘office chair’ which comes with an abundance of adjustments to ensure comfort and proper posture.

Ergonomics and Mesh Combination Chairs

Office Star is 4 Star rated

Office Star is 4 Star rated.

Two of the most popular features of the most popular office chairs include mesh and ergonomics. As mentioned, the mesh allows for the chair to breath and ergonomics is the process of science being put into the design to ensure proper posture, circulation, health and comfort. There are many chairs that now come with ergonomics in place, and Office Star has some of the best as they come with an abundance of additional features including adjustments, tilts, support and even cool features every one will have fun with!

Big Boss Chairs

hardwood and leather visitor chair

The big man is in the house!

Sometimes you just don’t need the wheels and knick knacks that come with some of the office chairs and you simply need a classic, tradition and prestigious chair that is stylish, comfortable and of course, that also serves it’s purpose. Big leather boss chairs can be made in vinyl or leather which also offers a variety of different price points to be enjoyed. They are thickly padded and are perfect for meetings or even as guest seats. Either way, a big boss office definitely needs one of these to sit at the head of the table.

Backless Saddle Seats

Up, down and all around in this bad boy.

Up, down and all around in this bad boy.

Drafting stools are modern in style yet functional in design and practical for office use. They are ideal for offices in which you tend to move around in a lot, as well as get up and down frequently. You can slide your stool over and take a seat, and then slide across the room without having to stand up, or you get stand up, sit down, stand up, sit down, move there, stand up, move there, sit down and well, you get the point. If you are in a bank, doctors’ office or even industrial settings, a backless saddle seat is the best for you.