Aug 192014

Unfortunately, the majority of us have absolutely no control over the amount of time in which we spend sitting down. With our dry jobs of sitting behind a desk during the hours of 9-5 or on a swirling chair in a medical building, your body has probably paid the price – or at the very least, it’s starting to. In order to keep yourself up to pay and healthy, there are some alternatives you can opt for instead of sitting in that traditional office chair that isn’t doing anything beneficial for your joints and body. How can a chair promote this, you ask?

It is all about proper posture, blood circulation, and, more importantly, more moving!

Modern office chairs, as long as you are not opting for the bottom of the barrel brands, typically have vital components within the design to improve posture, circulation, and movement. However, there are some additional attractive options.


Exercise Ball & Chair

Ball chair

Bouncy, Bouncy!

Grab yourself a big, inflatable exercise ball and roll it into your office. Doing so will strengthen your core and give you a nice workout throughout the day while also improving your spinal alignment and reducing nerve compression. You can opt for versions that have applied office chair elements into the exercise size design to promote functionality, but if you want to try out this option first, a regular exercise ball will work wonders. Just make sure to get it large enough for you to reach your desk comfortably.

Saddle up!

Saddle up!

Saddle Stools

Stools are a great alternative to deter you from slumping back into your chair. Backless saddle stools lower your thighs and open your hips, which requires your spine to line up properly. It’ll definitely keep you sitting taller and stronger throughout the day.

Stand and sit... Do it all.

Stand and sit… Do it all.

Stand Up Stools

Another option of stools for your office includes stand up stools that take the weight off your feet. It keeps you moving, which improves your posture and blood circulation as well. If you often switch from sitting to standing consistently throughout the day, stand up stools are perfect, especially when it comes with adjustable options to enhance the comfortability of it.

Kneeling Chairs

kneeling chairInstead of standing, why don’t you kneel on these innovative chairs for the office? This style is designed to promote an open sitting position (Yoga terms), which allows your spine to be in its natural state. Your back and abdominal muscles will also be receiving a bit of a workout, which ultimately improves breathing and circulation.

Take a seat... Sort of.

Take a seat… Sort of.

Active Dynamic Stools

Left, right, up, down, back and front

Left, right, up, down, back and front.

Lastly, if you really want to enhance your movement, try the active dynamic stools, which work backward, forwards, sideways, as well as up and down. The ever-changing positions get your body moving, which, as mentioned, ultimately enhances your circulation and posture. If you have to be sitting down, you might as well do it as healthy as possible.

Office chairs and alternatives come with a variety of different price points. So, shop around and take a seat before swiping the plastic.