Nov 212012

Home OfficeIf you work from a home office, you have much more freedom than you normally do in a company office to pick your own decorations, layout, and furnishings. With as many home office furnishings as are created by manufacturers, you should pick a combination of pieces that makes you physically comfortable, makes you glad to see it, and makes you know it has been worth the investment. Considering everything from functionality to appearance, there are scores of makes and models to choose from. Here are just a few of the directions you could go.

The Sports Fan

If your idea of a comfortable home office is to decorate with sports memorabilia, then there is chair for you, too. Leather office chairs patterned with the colors and logos of professional and collegiate sports teams across the country are available for the people who really want to surround themselves with the game. Chairs are officially licensed sports team chairs, so the funds still go back to supporting your favorite team. Whether you make this purchase as a die-hard fan or as a gift for one who is, an officially licensed sports team chair adds undeniable character to your home office while giving you a functional and comfortable seat.

Stools and Drafting Chairs

You don’t have to be an architect to use a drafting table. Many people find lofted desks and drafting tables more inspirational options than standard desks, particularly for working on creative projects. The height gives an airy quality to the working environment, so you should have a chair to match. Stools, drafting chairs, and architect chairs are designed to sit higher and provide a comfortable foot rest. For those who work long hours at their desks, saddle chairs or drafting chairs with ergonomic support are your best bet. Saddle chairs are designed to keep your hips in proper alignment to keep your back straight while you work.

Alternative Ergonomics

Some chairs may look a little eccentric for a regular office, but you’re the only one who can make the rules in your home office. Certain chairs, such as kneeling chairs, offer ergonomic support in a different way than more traditional chairs do. Normally, office chairs offer ergonomic support through the lumbar region, having the backrest press against the lower back to give it the correct curvature. In kneeling chairs, the ergonomic focus is in the position of the hips and how that, in turn, positions the spine. If you want to try something different in an office chair, a unique ergonomic alternative may be right for you.