Jun 192014

Buying an office chair is a big decision, as employees tend to have a range of preferences. Fortunately, office chairs are available in a wide variety of materials. One of the most popular material options is mesh. There are a number of benefits to buying a mesh office chair.

Mesh office chairs provide airflow for your back

A cool back = a happy back


The average office worker spends a large part of the day sitting in a chair. Chairs made of materials that trap heat trigger sweating, making seats hot and sticky. Mesh chair backs offer ventilation. They enable airflow, keeping employees cool and dry, even in very warm climates. As many of you know, employers are not always looking out for your best interests or comfort level. Thermostats are turned up in the summer. Mesh backed chairs can help with this.

Option: Office to Go Mesh Office Chair (OTG11647B), which features a supportive screen mesh backrest for maximum airflow.

ergonomic workstationErgonomics

An ergonomic chair provides lumbar support for the lower back by mimicking the spine’s natural curve. Ergonomic chairs prevent back pain by decreasing pressure on the spine and promoting good posture.  Since all bodies are different, employees need to be able to adjust office chairs, particularly when sharing them with other staff. Adjustment controls make it possible to change the seat height, tension, backrest, and armrests for maximum support.

Option: Ultimate Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair (2300), with waterfall seat front to ease pressure on thighs and increase circulation.

The more durable the chair, the better the warranty

The more durable the chair, the better the warranty


Weaved construction makes mesh office chairs durable, even chairs made of thin fabrics. In fact, it can take years for some materials to wear down. Since the ventilation prevents sweating, staining isn’t an issue either.  In addition, office chairs with rigid metal or plastic frames also add durability, extending the life of each chair considerably.

Option: Platinum Finish Leather Air Grid Chair (3680), with comfortable cantilever platinum finish arms with PU pads and a platinum finish aluminum base.

A cool looking mesh office chair

Is this a cool chair or what?


It’s possible to match the décor of any office environment. These chairs also have sleek profiles, making them a modern and stylish option.

Option: Boss High Back Ergonomic Mesh Task Chair (B6777), with a stylish Air Grid, screened backrest available in your choice of a mesh seat or vinyl as well as a headrest option.


How to Shop for Mesh Office Chairs

The more adjustment controls a chair has, the better chance you have to fit it to your body.

1. Adjustability: Search for chairs with adjustable backrests that you can raise or lower to different heights. Ergonomic chairs help ease back pain. Adjustable armrests are also helpful.

2. Seat width/depth: Choose a chair that fits a range of widths and depths. Some seats, like the Big and Tall line, fit larger body types well.

4. Tension control: Find a seat with tension control so that you can transfer some of your upper body weight to the backrest. Chairs that swivel also help to ease tension.

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