Feb 202013

contemporary officeLooks are important when it comes to office furniture. As clients walk into your office, the quality of the design and furniture has an immediate impact on how others view your company. As a general rule, the furnishings must match the interior decorations, the theme and style of the company, as well as meet a degree of professionalism expected of any business. That said, there are a few trends in contemporary office chairs that office furniture purchasers may want to be aware of before making a final decision on their seating arrangements.

Modern Materials

There are a number of materials office chairs are made out of now for varying levels of support, style, and comfort. Among them, the quintessentially modern mesh chairs remain a strong favorite for contemporary office chairs. They offer greater breathability and a springy form of support that some say is better suited for workers who must sit for long periods of time. However, leather and leatherette products are beginning to make a come-back. New designs are beginning to employ classic material in new ways to highlight the luxury of the products. It is an especially popular choice for executive chairs. Leather is also prized for its durability, and its ability to maintain a sharp appearance after years of use.

Sleek and Streamlined

The main element that separates contemporary furniture from traditional is the overall design. Modern designs feature a streamlined look that emphasizes simplicity over sumptuousness. Mesh chairs became especially popular because they economized on space by cutting out the thick foam pads and allowing light to pass through them. This airy quality came in stark contrast to the heavy, bulky chairs used by earlier generations. However, the designs of some leather chairs have also changed to reflect the shift in appeal. A couple examples of design changes are the armrests that form an open-centered loop instead of a hard side as well as how the reduction of a chair back’s height. These small alterations reduce the amount of visual space the chair takes up, giving more traditional chairs a modern twist.

Ergonomic Performance

As the negative effects of poor desk orientation become more evident through research and study, more attention than ever is being paid to the functionality and support of office chairs. Features like seat tilts, height adjusters, swiveling mounts, adjustable armrests, headrests, and even footrests are becoming more popular. Alternative office chair designs, such as kneeling chairs and balance ball chairs, are also beginning to appear on the scene.