Jun 192015

dirty chair caster wheelThe chair in your office is stuck again. What could it be this time? Maybe its hair, maybe a paper clip, or maybe just years of dirt that you have neglected to clean off the wheels. The caster wheels on your chair are an important part of your chair and without them, you would not be able to zip and roll around your office as quickly as you need to.
Keeping your caster wheels clean is important and if you don’t you will begin to find yourself walking even if it is to the corner of your desk. Consider the tips and tricks below to get your chair’s caster wheels as clean as possible.

Take the Caster Wheels Off

Many of the chairs you find in an office environment have wheels that are removable. Before you attempt to clean the wheels, you will want to remove them from the base of the chair. Typically, the entire base will unscrew from the chair and then you can pop the wheels off using a screwdriver or another similar tool.
Once the wheels have been removed, you can proceed with cleaning them.

Never Toss Them in Water Before Cleaning Them

You never want to toss the wheels into water until you have had the chance to clean them yourself. Water and soap will not remove all of the debris you need it to, so it is time to sit down and begin going to work. One of the easiest ways to remove dirt and debris from the wheels is to do it with your fingers.
Begin by picking off any stickers, paper, or stuck paper clips. Once you have all of the big pieces of debris removed, grab a piece of tape and use it to remove the smaller pieces of debris. The tape locks on to the dirt and pulls it away from the wheel.
If there is gum stuck to your caster wheels, you can go to work with a butter knife and alcohol to get it off.

Once the Wheels Are Cleaned

Once you have removed all of the dirt from the wheels, it is time to wash them. Create a nice warm, soapy bath for the wheels and then toss them in. Allow the wheels to soak for five to ten minutes and then remove one. Begin using a scrub brush on the wheel until it is clean to your liking. Rinse off the wheel and allow it to dry. Repeat with the remaining wheels.

Attach the Wheels

Once the wheels have had time to dry, you can now place them back in their fitting and replace the base on the chair. You will need to ensure you screw the base on correctly and tightly to avoid any problems when you use the chair.
Roll your chair around and make sure the wheels function correctly. If you notice the wheels are sticking a bit, you can spray lubricant on them to provide them with an extra boost to keep moving.
If you have wheels that are not made from caster, you still need to clean them. You can follow the same steps, but if you have plastic wheels, do not use lubricant on them as it may not stay and just drip off.
You should clean your caster wheels at least every six months or so unless you notice them gradually getting dirtier. Once your wheels are cleaned, you will notice a huge improvement in the way your chair rolls. Taking care of your caster wheels will ensure your chair lasts for a long time.