Oct 272011

Ouch! That’s what we said when we first saw this video.
It seems possible that this chair may have already been broken or possibly switched out by a mean spirited co worker? Either way, the video got us thinking about the importance of taking your environment and intended use into consideration when looking to purchase chairs for your office or home. Notice that the video makes reference to the actor as a “Dispatcher”. Dispatchers typically spend long hours sitting in their chairs. Emergency workers and other call centers are usually staffed 24/7 which means the office chairs see constant use. Therefore if the chair in the video was under constant use and not rated for it, an accident like this is possible.

Most office chairs are rated for a 40 hour work week and users up to 250 lbs. maximum. Anything over these amounts will void the chairs warranty, cause the chair to prematurely wear out and eventually break.

The solution for anyone who needs a chair that can stand up to constant use is a 24 hour chair. 24 hour chairs are available in a variety of different styles and sizes and from different manufacturers. Each 24/7 chair is specially designed to withstand the intensive use environment of around the clock staffing. 24 hour chairs can be a bit more expensive than a regular office chair but the justification is in the materials, craftsmanship and the fact that you will purchase less chairs over time since 24 hour chairs are designed and rated for intensive use.

Office Chairs Unlimited has a dedicated section of 24 hour intensive use office chairs. We feature dispatch chairs in fabric, vinyl or leather upholstery with a variety of ergonomic adjustment options to choose from. Our 24 hour office chair section also includes executive chairs and two 24 hour drafting stools. Most of our 24/7 chairs can even handle a larger weight capacity.

If your work environment calls for a chair that can withstand constant use take a look at Office Chairs Unlimited s large selection of 24 hour chairs. We feature a low price guarantee plus free shipping to your home or office on every chair we sell.