Dec 162012

conference roomConference rooms are important centers within a company. From internal brainstorming meetings to pitching sales to clients, conference rooms set the stage for action within a company. That said, the design elements present within a conference room can set the tone for your meetings and get you into the right frame of mind as you enter the room. They can also convey a sense of professionalism to your clients, partners, or guests, particularly if this is their first visit to your office.

Gaining Trust

Before a client will enter into a contract with you, they will need to trust you to carry out the services you are being hired for. Even for major companies, you can lose a potential client simply through an unprofessional appearance. Just like in interviews, having a smart appearance is one of the ways that others can tell that you are serious about dealing with them, that you respect them, and that you are handling the matter professionally. The same attention to appearance applies to your conference room to let your clients know that they are walking into a professional establishment that knows how to respect its guests.

Conference Room Furnishings

Conference rooms are the scene where many business relationships are forged, so the setting should be professional and provide certain amenities. At the bare minimum, conference rooms should have a large table and a set of comfortable conference chairs. A common choice for conference chairs is padded leather with arm rests. Some chairs may have warm wooden accents to complement the table. The leather gives these chairs a sleek, luxurious look that will make guests feel like they are being respected and provided for. The seating around the table should be able to comfortably accommodate everyone without having them uncomfortably crowded, so be careful not to pack your chairs too closely. Seating in conference rooms is especially important because if a visitor touches nothing else in your office, they will touch your seats, so having quality conference chairs is often a wise investment for businesses.

Other Conference Room Amenities

A couple low-maintenance plants in the corners, on counters, or on side tables will add a little life to the scene and give the room a more personal, cared for touch. To provide a particularly warm reception for guests, have a coffee station and a cookie tray laid out. Aside from making guests feel welcome, this set will provide some diversion for them if there is a brief wait for set up or for other participants to arrive.

There are a number of design and furnishing choices that can impact the professionalism of your conference room, so invest in its appearance to make the best impression with your clients.