Dec 032012

Taking full advantage of office space can be a challenge, especially for small businesses. When space is an issue, much thought should go into the final design of the office layout. Seating arrangements, furniture selections, and meeting room styles all need to be well planned so that work teams can perform productively and efficiently. For rooms that need to be rearranged frequently, or if there are often changes in day-to-day routines, it may be a wise investment to invest in some folding chairs for your company as either guest chairs or surplus seating.

A Plethora of Folding Chair Options

Folding chairs come in a range of options today. From simple metal seaters to padded rolling chairs, today’s market has created a good mix of styles to suit your office needs. In family residences, homeowners often have a few extra folding seats for those annual holiday gatherings. Offices are no different. Whether you are conducting a weekly staff meeting or hosting an employee’s retirement party, converting a space can be difficult if you have to drag regular office chairs, or even the lighter reception chairs, from across the building into one room. Folding chairs provide a simple solution to this problem with their ultra light weight and convenient carrying design. Their compact designs facilitate both easier storage as well as the ability to accommodate a greater number of people in a limited space.

A Design for Every Office

Folding ChairJust as you would choose your regular office furniture to fit into your office’s design themes, your folding office chairs should receive the same amount of consideration. Folding chairs come in a great variety, not just the beige metal you might remember from middle school. Different features include padded leather, colored resin backs and seats, mesh backs, armrests, stylized ventilation holes and slats, rollers, etc. With all the styles and colors, you can definitely find a good chair that fits into the existing décor of your office while still offering all the benefits of a folding chair. Depending on your needs, you can opt for more bare bones chairs for those quick meetings, or invest in a more comfortable chair with thick padding if you want your folding chair used as a more permanent fixture.

No matter what you want out of your folding chair, with a bit of research you can find exactly what you need that will complement your office design.