Sep 202013
What Are The Most Durable Office Chairs?

When choosing chairs for your office, style and comfort often come first. But what about durability? Are you replacing your office chairs too often? The chairs’ arms start flopping around or fall off completely, the wheels grind down to almost nothing or the brakes stick, or the whole chair just collapses under the weight of […]

May 312012
Allseating's Big and Tall Drafting Chairs

Until recently, you could buy a big and tall office chair or a drafting chair, but it was almost impossible to find a big and tall drafting chair.  We searched for new vendors and put in requests with current manufacturers, and then we found Allseating. Since 1982, Allseating has developed a reputation for quickly adjusting […]

Mar 212012
Introducing Allseating

We are pleased to have added chairs from the manufacturer, Allseating, known for their affordable high end office chairs. Designed with the upmost in style and quality, they are second to none. It’s not just looks that makes their chairs so appealing; all of their office chairs have reinforced construction and hold at least 325 […]