Nov 282012

Two of the most popular types of office chairs are leather and mesh. Leather is thought of as one of the most traditional types of office chairs, and they have retained an exalted status through their sleek appeal and generally high level of comfort. Mesh chairs, on the other hand, marked an utterly modern design with a new emphasis on ergonomics. They have become increasingly popular in offices over the years for their airiness and unique look.

Leather Office Chairs

Leather Office ChairLeather office furniture gives a visual impression of comfort and elegance. Well-made leather office chairs are durable and capable of supporting workers through long days at a desk. The thick padding characteristic of leather office chairs is supportive for critical regions, including the lower back and seat bones, and many have adjustable seats and armrests to adapt to different body shapes and desk heights.  Leather office furniture can also achieve the executive look that many people want in office furniture. The plushness of the furniture gives off a distinctive presence that business owners want to impress clients and convey professionalism.

Leather desk chairs are a sound investment for many companies because they are built to last and require little maintenance. For cooler offices, they may also offer a bit of warmth because of the thick, insulated barrier between you and the cold.

Mesh Desk Chairs

Although they are a fairly common sight today, mesh chairs were released to a swirl of aesthetic controversy. At the time the mesh chair made its appearance, office chairs were filled with foam stuffing, giving a fuller, if sometimes bulky, look. The mesh chair, a modern-style innovation, had a skeletal look with mesh fabric stretched across the frame. People were skeptical that it would be at all comfortable, lacking even a foam seat. What they did find, however, was a supportive and springy seat that cradled their legs and backs in a number of different positions. It also offered several adjustable features to create a tailored fit, essentially aspiring to be the every man’s chair. The appearance of mesh chairs inspired many more like it with their own emphasis on ergonomics and minimalism.

Durability can be an issue for mesh chairs, whose unsupported fabric may slacken or sag after a few years of serious use (depending on the chair). If a mesh chair loses its supportive shape, you should buy a new chair immediately because continued use could result in muscle strain or injury.  A major appeal of mesh desk chairs is their economical design, using fewer resources in their making and economizing on space in their appearance.