Feb 202014

Do You Sit Most Of The Day At Work –
or Slouch, Lean, Hunch Over, Lay Down…?

leaning back on phone

Laid-back… Soon to be Bad Back.

Mobile phones, laptops, iPads & tablets have changed the way we work – even the way we sit. Some people lean back, slouch, or hunch over. Some office workers don’t even sit down at a desk all.
Does that old office chair still fit today’s untethered work style?


leaning on desk

Could lead to chin injuries?

Ergonomics experts, and your Mom, recommend that you sit with good posture in an upright office chair, that fits your body and work style, and that will allow you to work in comfort all day. Most chairs that have little to no adjustability and no ability to recline do not fit that description. If you have such a chair, you probably find yourself sliding down througout the day, leaning to one side or another, or sitting in some unorthodox position such as draping a leg over the armrest or sitting on your foot. Or you just don’t sit down much at all, choosing to roam. That might get you through the day, but your comfort, productivity, and health will suffer in the long run.

laptop hunch back

Too young to be a hunchback

If you don’t have the right chair, your “creative” posture solutions can lead to discomfort and evven injury. For example, hunching forward to see your laptop leads to disc compression, and strain on the back, neck and shoulders. If your chair’s arms don’t support yours, particularly on the side with which you use your mouse, you can get unnatural twisting of the wrists, elbows and shoulders.


There is no way this guy is getting anything done

There are modern office chairs, and even some traditional chairs, which do work well with the not so traditional ways people sit.  Most of the better office chairs available today do have a wide range of adjustments so you can maintain comfort and ergonomic health, even if you don’t sit up straight as often as you should. Some even offer a fully reclined position for office loungers.


If you can’t sit up straight, at least try to sit comfortably. At Office Chairs Unlimited, we have a great selection of ergonomic office chairs which can be adjusted to make the most of almost any unconventional  posture.