May 072013

Cheap or old worn out office chairs can be very uncomfortable. When you spend most of your day sitting, a fresh new office chair that is designed for spine health and comfort can make a big difference.

uncomfortable office chair

Changing your work style or the way you sit can help relieve back pain, and help your overall health and well being. Some people try “strange” alternative seating like kneeling chairs, and even exercise balls. But these are not always practical. Do you want to look like you are practicing your circus act?

Here are a couple of sensible office chair options to help relieve your back and improve your spine health:
ergonomic mesh chair

Ergonomic Chairs

Well designed ergonomic office chairs are an ideal solution for greater comfort and better health. A seat with the right seat height & width, comfortable reach (distance from your work surface) and proper lumbar support will make a big difference in how you feel at the end of the work day. A chair with a cool, breathable mesh fabric back can add to the comfort by allowing air to circulate – very nice in a hot, stuffy office.


Reclining Office Chairs

office reclinerMany people who suffer from back pain feel much more comfortable in a reclining position. If you suffer from frequent back pain and you have the leg room for a recliner in your office, then kicking back with your feet up may be for you. Elevating your feet slightly can help with circulation problems, too.



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