Jul 062015
grass in office

The landscaping maintenance may be a bit much, but doesn’t this look relaxing?

If your employees are working in an environment that they would consider high stress and chaotic, they may not be as relaxed as they should be. When employees become uptight, you lose your productive work environment and your employees deal with stress more than they work. So, how do you create a relaxed and productive environment? It’s impossible, right? Wrong.
Consider the following tips below and make subtle changes to improve your employee’s overall morale.

Improve the Lighting in Your Workplace

office lightingLighting plays an important role on your employees. If you have ever rubbed your temples after a trip to your doctor’s office full of fluorescent lighting, you know just how terrible bad lighting can be. According to Forbes.com, studies that have been conducted have shown that employees are much more productive when they have natural lighting in the workplace. Open the blinds and watch as your employees’ fingers begin typing away.

Organize Desk Drawers

desk drawer clutterDesk drawers that are organized help boost relaxation and reduce the stress of not being able to locate an important item or supply in a stressful situation. Yes, that paper clip can cause someone to have a meltdown in a high pressure sales transaction.
In addition, an organized desk drawer can improve productivity by allowing you and your employees to find the items they need to finish their day.



Comfortable Seating

Office Star Heavy Duty Air Grid ChairIf you are sitting in a chair that is uncomfortable, would you be relaxed, let alone productive? Of course not. When you provide your employees with comfortable chairs that support the back, you will have employees who are able to focus without pain caused from an uncomfortable chair.

Multipurpose Furniture

Utilizing multipurpose furniture to organize your entire company and workplace can help your employees be more productive by having all of the items they need in one spot. For instance, a cabinet on the sales floor may contain paper, staples, paper clips, sales order forms, and the like. Your employees are able to quickly get to the items and access them when they need them.

Decorate the Office Space

google office

Aquariums and bathtubs are Google Munich’s idea of relaxing office decór.

An office interior that is full of bland paintings, white paint, and boring tone colors will only set the mood for boredom and an unproductive day. To help keep your employees happy and relaxed, create a fun and uplifting work space with lively colors, fun paintings, and more.
Allow your employees to place items on their desk that remind them of home. If an employee has a picture of a family member on their desk, they will remember they work to provide for that member. They will also remember the more work they get done now, the quicker they can go home.

Rearrange the Office

If your office is outdated or arranged poorly, consider purchasing new office equipment to create a new look. You can rearrange the furniture and place it in more functional spots. For instance, if your receptionists handle the incoming faxes, why not place the fax machine near their station. By moving the machine, you provide them an opportunity to be more productive as they do not have to walk across the building to get the papers.

Comfort = Productivity

Creating a comfortable environment for your employees will help boost productivity and keep your employees relaxed throughout the day. Once you rearrange the office and update the furniture, your employees will have a new burst of energy and appreciation for your company. This appreciation will push them to produce more so that they can continue enjoying the nice furniture, beautiful pictures, and comfortable chairs that you have placed in the office.