Dec 132011

Many are looking for the perfect guest chairs to complete their reception room. Some of our reception chairs can be fabricated in over 100 different fabrics and also have the option to be fabricated in the customer’s own material to perfectly match their decor.

Our selection of premium leather guest chairs, from all of the top manufacturers, is second to none. Rich wood accent guest chairs have always been popular for those looking for a traditional type of guest chair. Many are available with wood finishes of espresso, cherry, oak and mahogany. We also have many chairs already fabricated in the standard black, navy, gray and burgundy fabrics for quicker shipping times. Our vinyl guest chairs are popular in hospitals and doctor’s offices as they do not absorb spills and can be easily wiped clean.

We have recently added guest chairs that have been very useful in bariatric clinics. These chairs are designed to be exceptionally sturdy with some holding up to 500 lbs. Mesh chairs have been become very popular in the home and work place; this design has now been extended to waiting room chairs for that contemporary look.

We have now added OFM reception row seating with options that allow the customer to choose how many chairs are linked together. These are popular with schools, churches and hospitals. They are designed for 24 hour use and each chair is capable of holding 300 lbs. They can be used indoor or outdoors as they have a rust and waterproof coating to handle any conditions and can be bolted to the floor to make them immovable.

No matter what style, all of our guest and reception chairs come easy to assemble and with a great manufacturer’s warranty. Our prices vary from for those with a modest budget to those looking for high end chairs. We carry it all and we are continually adding to our extensive guest and reception chairs category!