May 182015

“You Never Get A Second Chance To Make A First Impression”

Lasting First Impression

Have you ever wondered what your client is truly thinking once they leave your office? Was that face made because they were impressed or because they were disgusted? How are you supposed to know what someone thinks about your office? Not a problem. This article will help you decipher what your office and what your desk say about you. If you find that your office is not giving off the feel you want it to, consider rearranging it or updating it to speak volumes about you as a leader, person, and business owner.

Unorganized and Cluttered

If the top of your desk is not organized and it is cluttered with objects, your desk is screaming to others that it needs help. When someone sees your desk, they may begin to wonder if you even know where you head would be if it wasn’t attached to your neck. Clean up your desk and give the right impression to your clients. You want them to take you seriously so respect their business and place their files neatly in folders and clean up your desk.

A Tribute to Yourself

If your office and walls are filled with accomplishments that you have made and achievements you have done, your clients and employees will begin to think that you are fixated on yourself and only yourself. All of your achievements are just showing people that you think highly of yourself and many clients will be put off by this. Respect your space, respect the thoughts of your clients, and only display the important achievements and accomplishments. Oh, and throw in a few accomplishments your employees have made as well.

Get Out of My Office

Although you may be thinking it in your head and you think it is a secret, your clients know. If you do not have a chair for guests to sit in or your guest chair is covered in items and files, your clients will know you did not expect them and you personally would rather they leave as quickly as possible. Make sure the chair you provide your clients with is comfortable, the appropriate height, and not covered in items you recklessly threw around.

You’d Rather Be Somewhere Else

If your office is cluttered with pictures of Hawaii, North Carolina, or any other place, your clients will know that you would rather be fishing, swimming, or snowboarding. It is fine to have one or two pictures like this up in your office, but a space cluttered with postcards and amusements parks is not appealing.

You Aren’t Serious About Their Business

If you have a client come into your office and they begin speaking with you about a proposal, you should be able to answer them and find their paperwork right away. When you cannot, they will think you do not want their business. Losing paperwork, taking phone calls, and being short with a client will indicate to them that you are not serious about their business and they should look elsewhere. To avoid this, make sure your office is in tip-top shape and that you already have their file and information ready to go when they enter your office. Turn your ringer off on the phone and proceed with the meeting professionally.

First Impressions Are Lasting Impressions

Your office speaks volumes about you and your company. Clients want to know that they are important to you and you must make this clear, especially when they come in for a visit. Clean up your workspace, organize your files, and get a grip. Your office speaks more about you than you want it to so make sure it is saying the right thing.