May 202011

I recently read that more and more people are purchasing used office chairs to save money. Being in the office furniture business myself, I was intrigued by this and with a little research found that in fact a lot of individuals and businesses were shopping at second-hand stores or using mediums such as Craigslist or local classifieds ads to furnish their offices.

Used Office ChairsIt makes sense in a down economy to tighten our spending habits in every area possible, yet when shopping for office furniture, you need to be aware that one of the key components of most manufacture warranties is that they’re usually non-transferable. If you can’t prove that you’re the original owner, the warranty may not apply to you.

Now depending on your situation this may not be that big of a deal. If you just need a task chair for your child’s bedroom or a workbench area you may have in the basement or garage go ahead, save some money! But if you’re actually going to use that bargain beauty for work, and plan on sitting in it for eight or more hours a day, you really need to think about your decision.

Today’s office chairs are constantly evolving in design, fit-ment, ergonomic controls and customizable options, plus studies show that many office workers spend more time in their chair than they do in their own bed! Again, I realize we all need to pinch pennies and watch our spending but at what cost? A worn out office chair can be dangerous at worst and uncomfortable at best. A used chair can aggravate existing back problems, cause premature fatigue or simply break and cause one to fall over or out of their chair.

I’m not saying that all used office furniture is of poor quality, there are several reputable companies in the market that clean or re-condition lightly used office furniture and resell at a much lower than new price. I’m certainly not trying to bash Craigslist or the classified ads, I use them both regularly–what I’m saying is this, when it comes to selecting an office chair that you will be using on a routine basis for work or research, your health and comfort should be your main considerations. Even If you have to pay a little extra.

A quick internet search for an office task chairs or mesh back chairs will give you hundreds of results. There are also many online retailers competing for your business, so prices are lower now than they have been in years and many retailers even offer free shipping. So with a little research you may find a new and supportive office chair for a great price and in a lot less time than you may have spent searching the want ads.