Nov 122011

With the increased knowledge of our negative effect on the earth, we have learned that energy efficiency, pollution prevention, substitution and maximization of recycled products are an absolute must. Many people are looking for ways that they can personally have a positive impact on our environment and are interested in purchasing products that can help them do just that. We are proud to say that we offer many office chairs that meet the new environmental standards.

Many office chair manufacturers have now recognized that they too can make a difference by coming up with alternatives in their manufacturing and shipping processes. By coming up with new ways they have been able to substantially decrease their direct effect on the ozone and water supplies. With changes to recycled materials used in the packing process and new designs containing recycled materials such as fabrics and leathers, they have been able to dramatically decrease waste.

GREENGUARD is becoming a renown company that certifies manufacturers whose products meet the stringent chemical emission requirements. Products undergo both annual re-certification and quarterly quality monitoring tests to maintain this elite credential. They provide participants with marketing support training as well as list them on their website to help introduce them to users looking for products that meet their standards. Manufacturers whose products achieve GREENGUARD Certification gain the privilege of using the GREENGUARD mark; a great tool for marketing their products.

We are proud to say that we sell office chairs and furniture from many manufacturers that have made the choice to follow these guidelines. For example, OFM, a Greenguard certified company, has made advances in updating their company by selling eco friendly products as well as making changes in their working environment. They recently installed a solar panel system on the roof of their main headquarters in North Carolina and are proud to say that they are now carbon-neutral and have been certified as a New Renewable Energy Facility. Nice job!

Last year they modified their invoicing, order processing and shipping methods resulting in cutting their paper consumption in half. They have also changed all of their lighting from 400 watt metal halide exterior high bay lights to 200 watt induction exterior high bay lights, cutting the power needed in half.

Global Total Office is also Greenguard certified and has an ongoing policy to do their part by using cardboard packing that utilizes 80% recycled material. They have created a non-hazardous powder-coat paint process that reclaims up to 99% of overspray with minimal discharge to the environment. They have also completely eliminated the use of CFC’s and HCFC’s in all their manufacturing processes to protect the ozone layer. Many of their chairs have an option of fabric that is constructed of recycled polyester.

You can view our office chairs made by those manufacturers that are Greenguard Certified by clicking below:
OFM Chairs, Office Star Chairs, Mayline Chairs
Safco Chairs, Harwick Chairs, Global Chairs

Eco-Friendly Leather Leather Chairs

We have now added to our list of office chairs, Eco-Leather Executive Chairs. Many do not realize that leather actually has an impact on the environment using hazardous materials in the tanning and manufacturing process. Eco-friendly chairs do not use restricted chemicals, such as banned azo dyes, PCP, chrome VI, formaldehyde. They are made from leather scraps and recycled leather with a material backing but still have a soft feel and the look of full hide genuine leather chairs. Click below to view our full line of Eco-Friendly Leather Chairs:
Eco-Leather Office Chairs

If doing your part in saving the planet is important to you, you might consider purchasing an office chair made by a manufacturer that shares in your concerns and are voluntarily doing their part to decrease the negative effects on the environment.