May 212014

different kinds of office chairs

You probably have not placed much importance or thought into the office chair. This could possibly be the largest culprit to any aches and pains that you are experiencing, you may endure in the future. So, certainly you can see how you might want to start thinking a little bit more about the different kinds of office chairs and how they can work specifically for you and your needs. With so many styles, colors and features, you definitely should settle for the most boring and basic office chair. Enjoy all kinds of comfort and style with the following types of office chairs. You’re sitting in them all day, anyway, right? Start enjoying it!

Task Chairs

Basic and right to the point.

Basic and right to the point.

Task chairs are exactly what they read, and are the most common kind that is found in the majority of offices. They are completely basic in design, and have casters or wheels at the base. Task chairs also swivel, allowing the chair to rotate in all directions. This is an affordable option if the chair is going to be used for a number of people, as adjustments to the height are easy to make. Task chairs are a delightful combination of convenience and comfort.

Executive Chairs

Luxury at its finest.

Luxury at its finest.

Similar to task chairs, executive chairs spices it up a little bit more. These styles of office chairs swivel and have the same wheels and casters as the previous. However, they have a higher backrest, which makes them much more comfortable and they also have additional padding. More cushion for the pushing! In addition, executive chairs have padding on the armrest and you also have the ability to adjust the angle of the backrest. Oh, and you can’t forget that they are almost always crafted with leather! As a result, these office chairs are more expensive than a lot of the other styles and are typically used by executives. Go figure.

 Guest Chairs

You wouldn't want to sit long in these.

You wouldn’t want to sit long in these.

Simple, right? These kind of office chairs are meant for guests, so they aren’t designed too intricately as they aren’t intended to be used for much longer than a brief moment. Think waiting rooms or next to a desk or reception. They come with no flexibility, no wheels, and no adjustable features and are basically chairs. Although, you can find them in vibrant colors and funky designs to enhance the appearance of such a basic item.

Mesh Chairs

mesh fabric keeps your back cool

Get that air flowing through the mesh fabric.

If you tend to sweat a lot, you might need to get yourself a mesh chair as they are built with perforated fabric which encourages air circulation. Therefore, your body doesn’t get as hot as it would in other chair styles, which diverts you from sweating. However, it isn’t a deodorant, so we can’t promise no perspiration. The chair seats are cushioned for comfort, and so you get the ventilation and cushion all in one which makes this style of office chair very popular.

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