Jul 232013

“In order to be successful, one must project an image of success at all times.”
– Buddy Kane, in ‘American Beauty’ 1999

Ugly office chairs

Looks Matter

Image is important in business. How you present yourself to your clients influences their perception of your business. When a client comes to your place of business, your company will be judged by how your office looks.
The way your office is designed should reflect the image you want to project to your clients. Visibly aging furniture can lead to assumptions your company may be too conservative, capable only of outdated ideas and old-fashioned.  Chairs that are held together with duct tape and desks that are propped up on phone books can lead your clients to think that you are in financial trouble, and are unable to buy new office furniture. Outdated office furniture can make your business look unprofessional.

If you want your clients to see you as someone who is upwardly mobile and up to date with the current times, keep a modern and at least somewhat stylish look throughout your space. Modern furniture that looks classy, yet efficient makes a stylish office that inspires trust in clients. It will make your company look more capable to handle any services a client may require.  This would also help you attract more clients and have far more greater chances to retain your old ones.

Office Design As An Indicator of Company Culture

The atmosphere of your office also shows how you treat your employees. You have probably heard about all the perks at big companies that have recreation areas or exercise equipment in-house for employees. This is not only to keep the employees happy and healthy, but we hear about it because it is good public relations. These companies treat their employees well, so we can trust them to treat consumers well, too. You don’t need to remodel the whole place in order to show that you care about the health and well-being of your staff, but having professional looking office chairs and an efficient ergonomic workspace can give you a little boost in the perception of your company’s culture.

Even if customers never see the inside of your workplace, a run-down looking work environment can also influence your employees’ moods and attitudes.  A depressing atmosphere does not inspire employees to work. Job performance and work production will be affected.

New Sneakers Make You Run Faster

classy looking officeEmployees take pride in how their workplaces look.  People like to feel like they are working for a thriving business, not a fly-by-night bring your own chair operation. Spending the day stuck in a 20 year old, dusty, stained, creaking task chair with no padding left does not inspire confidence, a feeling of job security, or creativity. Uncomfortable and unhappy employees are unproductive. Remember when you were a kid and a new pair of sneakers made you feel like you could run faster and jump higher? Simple things like an improved work environment can inspire your staff to be at its best. Creative juices flow, employees are more motivated to do better work, and maybe even higher output.

Time For An Upgrade

If you have not updated your office design in several years, it may be time to seriously assess how your company looks to the outside world and from the inside. A simple makeover can make a world of difference to your clients & customers, your employees and ultimately your bottom line.