Mar 312013

reclineSince the 1980s, usability experts have been taking steps to determine the best possible types of furniture for use in offices. Increasingly, researchers are noting that those who use inappropriate equipment tend to develop long-term injuries. While many people brush aside these concerns, repetitive stress injury, back pain and other injuries can lead to a diminished quality of life and difficulty performing even basic activities. However, reclining office chairs can alleviate or prevent these negative health consequences.

Back Relief at the Office

Unfortunately, there is no easy recipe to preventing back injuries, and techniques that work for one individual may fail for another. As a result, chairs should be as adjustable as possible to allow users to find what works best for them. While some basic tenets apply to everyone, some people simply need to sit in different positions. By using adjustable office chairs, it is possible to find the best sitting position for your unique build. Many people find that they need to take more pressure off of their back muscles and hips to work comfortably. Reclining chairs allow office workers to redistribute some of their weight across their backs when in a reclined position.

Increasing Your Sitting Postures

Research has indicated that one of the best ways to avoid back pain and other injuries is to change sitting positions during the day. By simply moving the back of a chair forward or backward, it may be possible to prevent injuries from occurring. Remaining in the same position for hours at a time causes strain on muscles, and this strain may be undetectable until it manifests into severe or medically-relevant problems. By employing a variety of seated positions in a reclining chair, many of these injuries can be avoided.

Giving Your Body a Break

When thinking about office workers, most people think about a constant stream of typing. In reality, office work generally entails a considerable amount of reading as well. By using a reclining office chair, it is possible to sit back and relax while reading lengthy emails, white papers, and other text. Reclining chairs also encourage people to rest the muscles in their backs from time to time, so these periods of reading can help lead to a reduction in the incidence of health problems. Research has also indicated that relaxed workers are more productive, and sitting back on occasion can allow people to receive helpful breaks from physically-uncomfortable positions that may lower overall productivity.

While the computer monitor, keyboard and other items that sit on the desk are important, most usability experts believe that the chair is the most important component to providing an appropriate work environment. Whether the goal is to reduce the likelihood of injuries or to encourage more productive work, adjustable office chairs should be feature of all businesses.